Emirates ID’s international conference calls for implementing and practicing “Sustainable organizational learning”

WAM Dubai, 1st Nov. 2013 (WAM) — The international experts participating in the 2nd International Organizational Learning Conference organized by the Emirates Identity Authority have stressed the importance of the concepts and practices of “Sustainable organizational learning” as a method for building “learning organizations” and finally reach to “learning governments”.

The conference concluded its events today in Dubai.

The international experts advised government organizations to double investments in training their employees, developing their capabilities and skills and promote the concept of lifelong organizational learning among them. They should also adopt and approve strategic thinking, integrate it within their operational methodologies and find a balance between strategic and operational thinking in what contributes to achieving their objectives according to the highest levels of excellence and innovations.

Experts stressed on the need for government organizations to exert every effort to maintain work environments that are characterized with openness and trust and built on limitless exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as to benefit from their own experiences and those of others’.

During the two-day conference, which concluded on Thursday and organized in collaboration with Investors in People International, the participants underscored the importance of raising awareness of life-long organizational learning, how to spread and develop it among organizations, appreciate and evaluate work teams who participate in implementing it on grounds.

The conference urged organizations those wish to transform into learning ones to set up organizational structures that supports organizational learning, innovate and promote internal culture that supports it and encourage the 2nd and 3rd level of leaderships to develop their leadership and management capabilities by empowering them with authorities to accomplish their tasks and implement their innovative ideas at organizational level.

The participants also called upon organizational leaderships to take their decisions based on the lessons derived from expertise and practical and learning situations, while committing to learning and self-development carrying a clear future vision that can be translated into tangible practical objectives and initiatives.

More than 26 papers were discussed during the two-day conference presented by experts from 15 countries around the world. The conference was attended by more than 400 experts and specialists from inside and outside of the UAE in addition to representatives of local and federal government entities in the UAE.


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