Emirates ID and UAE Red Crescent Discuss enhancing Co-operation

WAM ABU DHABI, June 13th, 2013 — Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has discussed with the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA) adopting the “smart” Identity Card and activating it as a main and permanent source of information concerning beneficiaries of aids and services provided by the Red Crescent. The move aimed at improving the execution of transactions, facilitating procedures and developing customer service through making use of the data and information provided by EIDA for identifying and verifying personal identity.

Discussions focused on enhancing co-operation between the two sides in all fields, particularly pertaining to the exchange of knowledge, expertise and institutional experiences in a way to support the institutional development and modernization for both of them.

Dr. Engineer Ali Mohammad Al Khouri, Director General of EIDA, received a delegation from the Red Crescent Authority (RCA) led by Dr. Mohammad Ateeq Al Falahi, Secretary General of RCA, and included Rashid Al Mansouri, Deputy Secretary General for Local Affairs, Mohammad Al Fahim Deputy Secretary General for Support Services, Nasser Mohammad Al Dhahiri, Managing Director of Local Affairs Department, and Saeed Al Mazrouei, Assistant of Secretary General.

During the meeting held at EIDA headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Al Khouri stressed the keenness of EIDA to support the humanitarian and social work in the country, highlighting the efforts made in this regard by the Red Crescent on both local and international levels.

Dr. Al Khouri expressed the readiness of the Authority to provide the Red Crescent with smart card readers, aiming at enhancing mechanisms of adopting the ID card as a key source to verify personal identity of beneficiaries of RCA aids and services from all segments of the society.

He also stressed the Authority’s keenness to enhance co-operation not only with RCA, but with all governmental organizations and authorities in the UAE in order to enable them to take advantage of EIDA’s sophisticated system applications, and hence contribute in the success of their projects whether inside or outside the country.

Dr. Al Khouri threw light on the achievements of EIDA’s Strategic Plan 2010-2013 which played part in the completion of UAE population registry system, and briefed the delegation, as well, on the new strategic plan 2014-2016.

He accompanied the visiting delegation in a field tour inside the building. They visited the (Excellence Library) which is regarded as one of EIDA’s vital projects aimed at documenting and archiving the Authority’s reports, researches, studies, minutes of meeting, books, certificates and awards.

During the tour, the delegation was also introduced to a model of EIDA’s new headquarters which is being built in Khalifa City (A) in the capital Abu Dhabi, and which will replace the current temporary building.

Dr. Al Falahi highly remarked EIDA’s strategic plan and the achievements that EIDA accomplished in light of it; mainly the implementation of UAE population registry system and the ability to register all UAE nationals and residents in the “smart” ID card.

Dr. Al Falahi gave a detailed explanation on the services and aids provided by RCA to beneficiaries in the UAE, and pointed out its humanitarian projects which was executed across the world and was aimed at easing the sufferings of people in need and helping them; following the directions of the prudent leadership of the country who instilled values such as helping the poor, rescuing the fated and relieving the distressed, and engraved the principles of “giving” in the souls of the UAE citizens.


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