Education City Stadium Receives Five-Star Sustainability Rating

The design and construction of Education City Stadium � which is set to host matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup �has been awarded the five-star Global Sustainability Assessment System program (GSAS).

This achievement is an affirmation of the stadium’s construction and design for sustainability and quality standards, to be the first in the world to receive this certificate.

The primary objective of GSAS is to evaluate the performance of green buildings and infrastructure projects and aims to promote sustainable construction, taking into account the requirements of the Gulf environment. GSAS is administered in Qatar by the Gulf Organization for Research & Development.

The stadium has been awarded a certificate indicating that its design matches the standards of sustainability and quality. The final certificate will be awarded once the stadium has been constructed and undergone five third-party audits to check that the construction meets the design.

Eng. Jassim Telefat, Executive Director of Sports Facilities at Education City Stadium, said: The achievement had exceeded expectations, we originally targeted a four-star rating in GSAS but were able to achieve the five-star rating.

Source: Government of Qatar