Diplomatic Institute Holds Intensive Program in Cooperation with Pentagon

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Diplomatic Institute held on Sunday an intensive training program in cooperation with the Pentagon’s Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies.

Members of the Ministries of Defense and Interior and a number of diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the five-day program, which discusses many axes that focus on US’ foreign policy and defense policy.

The program also focuses on the war on terrorism and the bilateral agreement between Qatar and the US on combating terrorism. It also deals with Qatar-US relations, the regional security of the Middle East, and regional security in the Gulf region.

The program also deals with relations with world powers including the US, Russia, the EU, and China, in addition, it reviews the geopolitics of natural gas and global economic policy.

The program, which is held at the headquarters of the Diplomatic Institute, dealt today in its first axis, with US’ foreign policy and defense policy, where two NESA Center professors lectured in the training program.

On Monday, the program will focus on relations with world powers, the war on terror and the bilateral agreement on combating terrorism.

On Tuesday, the training program will review Qatar-US relations, regional security for the Middle East and regional security for the Gulf region.

Also, the panelists will discuss global economic policy and the geopolitics of natural gas on Wednesday and will conclude on Thursday with a lecture entitled ‘moving forward’.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs