Crowd attempts attack on Syrian refugees suspected of killing landlord

GAZIANTEP (CIHAN)- Tension erupted in the southeastern province of Gaziantep when a group of locals attempted to attack Syrian refugees suspected of murdering HIdIr alan, the owner of an apartment in which the refugees had been residing, on Tuesday.

Police have since taken strict security measures in the province.

According to a report in the Radikal daily on Friday, a group of locals took to the streets and tried to attack an apartment sheltering Syrians upon hearing about the death of 65-year-old HIdIr alan, who was reportedly stabbed to death by his Syrian tenants. A scuffle broke out when police officers prevented the crowd from attacking the apartment by using tear gas and water cannons. Both local and reporters were affected by the gas, according to the report.

When the angry crowd was dispersed by police forces dispatched to the scene of the incident, another crowd gathered for a spontaneous anti-Syrian protest in the same vicinity, waving Turkish flags and chanting anti-Syrian slogans.

The incident in Gaziantep was the latest in a series of recent violent confrontations involving Syrian refugees and local residents in provinces close to the Syrian border. In the southern province of KahramanmaraI, home to a sizable Syrian refugee population, angry residents took to the streets on July 15, shouting “We don’t want Syrians.”

Some locals attending the march later attacked cars and homes belonging to Syrians in the province, injuring some Syrians.