CRA Takes Part in ICANN Advisory Panel Meeting

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) participated in the 64th session of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), held recently in Kobe, Japan, to discuss a variety of issues related to Internet governance.

During the meeting, experts from around the world discussed a range of important issues affecting the Internet community, including potential geographical top-level domains, data protection regulations and public safety. In line with ICANN’s goal, aimed at ensuring the growth of Internet and its reach globally, GAC committee shared and exchanged relevant information with the committee members to ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge and information to address any future issues in this area.

Eng. Abdulla Jassmi, manager of Technical Affairs Department at CRA, said that CRA ensures its participation in international meetings like the ICANN to be up to date with the latest developments in the field of Internet security and top-level Internet domain, and to adopt the best practices in this field. That contributes to the growth of the Internet and ensures that consumers in Qatar have the best services in the field of information and communications technology.

Source: Hukoomi Qatar Government