Congo Peace Agreement Will allow Kabila to Remain Until 2017 End

Kinshasa, The government in Congo and the opposition have tentatively reached an agreement that will see President Joseph Kabila step down at the end of 2017, dpa cited the Catholic Church Council of Bishops (CENCO) report Friday.

The agreement is to be signed after the Christmas holiday, said the Catholic organization, which mediated the talks between the Kabila government and the opposition.

The agreement calls for a presidential election before the end of 2017 with a government of national unity to be set up in the interim.

The six-point plan addresses the national crisis amid the ongoing unrest over the refusal of Kabila to step down.

Kabila would normally have relinquished power on December 19 at midnight, but he has refused to do so as elections that had been planned for November were postponed to April 2018. Logistical problems were cited.

Source: Qatar News Agency