Cebu allows passengers to avail NAIA terminal fee exemption

Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ largest airline, has updated its booking systems to ensure that passengers who are exempt from the Terminal Fee at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) can avail of this when booking their flights.

The move is seen to benefit thousands of overseas Filipino workers who book flights on Cebu Pacific to get to their job sites.

Since July 8, passengers who book their flights through the Cebu Pacific mobile app have been able to claim the NAIA Terminal Fee exemption by simply ticking a box before booking and payment is processed and confirmed. Bookings made through the Cebu Pacific Reservation Hotlines or via the website, on the other hand, have been exempted from paying the P550.00 ($10.7) NAIA Terminal Fee since April this year, the airline said in a statement.

Passengers need to present valid documents upon check-in to verify their eligibility for the IPSC exemption. For overseas workers, these include the overseas employment certificate (OEC); and those included under the Philippine overseas employment administration’s Balik Manggagawa programme such as a valid employment contract, recent payslip, or Company ID. Aside from overseas workers, pilgrims with authorisation from the Philippine Sports Commission, and guests who have been issued a MIAA exemption certificate (MEC) are also exempted from paying the International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC), provided valid documents are presented.

Through these system upgrades, we hope to make it easier and more convenient for our overseas workers to book flights with Cebu Pacific; and not have to go through a tedious and time-consuming process of reimbursing the NAIA Terminal Fee that they have been long-exempted from under the Migrant Workers Act, said Atty. JR Mantaring, vice president for Corporate Affairs of Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific passengers also have the option to pay for the Travel Tax on international flights of PHP1,620.00 ($31.7) when they book their flights online or through any Cebu Pacific ticket office. Passengers who are exempt from the tax, or are eligible for reduced Travel Tax, on the other hand, can still book, pay and confirm their flights on Cebu Pacific, but they need to present valid tax exemption documents upon check-in, the airline said.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar