Prime Minister HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani chaired the regular Cabinet’s meeting, which was held yesterday morning, at its headquarters at the Emiri Diwan.

The Cabinet discussed some of the subjects on their agenda, including the approval of a draft law regulating railways, which aims to regulate the establishment and operation of railways in the country, in terms of safety requirements and the provision of operation permits.

The provisions of the law says that the Ministry of Transport and Communications will have a number of powers in that regard, including the following:

1- Planning and regulating the building and operating of railway networks in the country

2- Ensuring that permits issued have satisfied all their conditions technically and in terms of safety

3- Issuing the necessary permits for building the infrastructure and any work related to maintenance of the railways

4- Adopting the technical requirements for the railway network systems and its infrastructure. The draft law also stated the responsibilities of Qatar Rail, the authority related to safety in the ministry. It also discussed the types of permits issued and the requirements for them.

Source: Government of Qatar