Visiting British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, on Saturday called on Qatar and its Arab neighbours, to resolve the diplomatic crisis through dialogue.

Johnson, who is on a three-nation Gulf tour, aimed at calming down the tensions in the Gulf, issued the call, during a meeting with his Kuwaiti counterpart, Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.

Johnson arrived in Kuwait from Riyadh, the first leg of his Gulf tour, which will also take him to Qatar.

The British diplomat expressed anxiety at the crisis between Qatar and a Saudi-led alliance of Arab countries, saying, the blockade imposed on Doha is “unwelcome” and the parties need to resolve it through dialogue.

Sheikh Sabah applauded Britain’s support of Kuwait’s efforts, to resolve the Gulf crisis. Kuwait, which has not joined the Saudi-led bloc, in cutting diplomatic ties with Doha and imposing a blockade early last month, has been playing the role of mediator in the crisis.

On Thursday, the four nations slammed Qatar’s response, relayed by Kuwait, saying, Doha’s refusal to accept their demands was proof that the tiny rich Gulf nation is linked to terror groups.

They vowed to take further political, economic and legal steps, to tighten the screws on Doha. They are scheduled to hold another foreign ministers’ meeting, after the one held in Cairo, Egypt on Wednesday, in Bahrain soon, to discuss the next steps.

In response, Qatar has dismissed as “baseless” the Saudi-led bloc’s accusations that it supports terrorism and interferes in their internal affairs.

Johnson’s visit came, as part of a flurry of diplomatic activity by Western powers, in attempt to calm down the tensions in the Gulf.

On Wednesday, German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel concluded his three-nation tour to Qatar, UAE and Kuwait, in a bid to broker an end to the stand-off.

Gabriel said, there were sufficient possibilities to defuse the situation, while pressing for joint regional efforts against terror financing.

In another development, U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is expected to visit Kuwait on Monday, to discuss the ways to resolve the Qatari crisis.

The U.S. is increasingly concerned that the rift between Qatar and its Arab neighbours is at an impasse and could drag on for a long time, or even intensify, the U.S. State Department said.

Washington is worried that the ongoing standoff could damage its operations, to strike terrorists in the Middle East, as it has a huge military base in Qatar


Source: NAM News Network