Biryt Energy Beer Launches in Beirut

BEIRUT, November 13, 2013 / PRNewswire — Biryt Energy Beer, the new product that “tastes like a great beer, with energy on top!” is looking to take Beirut by storm. It is steadily building up its distribution and is currently available in a multitude of pubs, bars and grocery stores. The brand is positioning itself as an alternative to the beer and energy drink products that are saturating the market.

Biryt Energy Beer contains no caffeine, taurine, colorants, fat or cholesterol. Instead, its healthy malt base formulation, as well as its 7 essential vitamins makes it a particularly tasty, refreshing and energizing beverage. The product’s multiple benefits include increased physical performance and mental alertness, improved reaction speed and concentration, as well as reduced stress recovery period.

According to a company spokesman, “Biryt’s awesome taste should appeal to both beer and energy drink fans. In fact, Energy drink lovers will have the pleasure of enjoying a tasty, refreshing beer while boosting their energy, and beer lovers will be able to enjoy their preferred drink with an extra energy twist!”

Lebanon’s youth has already started taking to the product, particularly in pubs and bars around Beirut. Biryt Energy Beer’s new and original concept might just prove to be this year’s success story.

Biryt Commercial Office
Khawam Building, 2nd floor
Allenby Street, Downtown Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961-1-985-601
Fax: +961-1-985-602

SOURCE: Biryt Energy Beer

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