Azerbaijani President; “The enemy has received an adequate response”

Baku: “Today, I familiarized with the situation at the contact line. The Ministry of Defence regularly provides operational information. The situation is under control. Our positions are strong, the Azerbaijani army has captured the full advantage of the line of contact”,

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said during the visit to military unit #5 in Aghdam, on 6 August, APA reports,

According to him, the professionalism and combat capability of the Azerbaijani army grow, Azerbaijani soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers adequately serve the motherland, loyal to his homeland: “In all our military units, especially in the military units located at the front, there is elation, a sense of patriotism among the Azerbaijani soldiers very high and strong. We will continue to build up its military capabilities. Currently, procurement of the Azerbaijani army is at the highest level. Acquired by us in recent weapons, technology give reason to say that we can accomplish any task. ”

The President said that in recent years in Azerbaijan produce modern weapons and equipment, “At the same time, equipment, machinery, weapons and ammunition, which we purchase from foreign sources to the highest standards. Acquired the most advanced air defense installation. Our army has the most powerful artillery. Missile systems with high accuracy and very great destructive power combat and transport helicopters, combat aircraft, armored vehicles, tanks – all factors that make today the potential of the Azerbaijani army. Today, the Azerbaijani army is able to destroy any object in Nagorno-Karabakh. You know it and we know and the people of Azerbaijan, and the enemy should know. Today, only thanks to the policy of the Azerbaijani state still provided stability in the region. Azerbaijan is a stabilizing country. Today we are increasing our capabilities; possess more powerful army, which is able at any time to perform any task. ”

I. Aliyev said that a week ago the Armenian occupying forces cowardly, despicable, under the cover of night attacked Azerbaijani positions: “We have suffered the loss of our soldiers became martyrs. But at the same time the enemy got a decent answer. As always, the Armenian side hide their losses. However, we know that were destroyed dozens of occupants. Today at the table sitting soldiers, warrant officers and officers who have shown in the course of these operations, special courage, bravery and professionalism. I rewarded them. On behalf of the Azerbaijani people want to express my gratitude for the courage and professionalism. I am confident that you will continue to adequately perform all combat missions.”

The Head of State stressed that today the enemy is in a panic, hysteria: “We know it. We have ample opportunity to know what is happening on the other side. We completely took over the military and moral advantage. We are on our land. Killed a week ago our martyrs died for their land. The question is: what did the Armenian soldiers – soldiers of the occupying forces in the territory of Agdam? Today, the Nazi leadership, the military junta Armenia leads his country into the abyss. They have occupied our lands, but at the same time occupied the whole of Armenia. Armenian people should get rid of the criminal, corrupt leadership. Otherwise Armenia expects big disaster. If the Armenian fascist state not give up their dirty deeds, the very existence of the Armenian state can remain undecided.”

The President recalled that the Armenian state was founded on the historical Azerbaijani lands “Erivan khanate, Zangezur, Goyche – our historical lands. We, Azerbaijanis, should come back and come back to our land. We need to restore our territorial integrity. Nagorno-Karabakh is a native Azerbaijani land. It always has been, so it is today, so it will be tomorrow. Just as a result occurred in the early 1990s, the events of our land temporarily are occupied. But we will restore our sovereignty. In all the occupied territories, including in Shusha and Khankendi will fly the flag of Azerbaijan. That’s our goal. We go to this goal and to achieve it, should create an even more powerful army. ”

Ilham Aliyev noted that the current economic, political potential of our country many times more than Armenia: “As a result of work done in recent years in the field of army building, we also received military superiority and will gradually increase its capacity. Settlement of the conflict is possible only within the territorial integrity of our country. Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s territory. Historical, native Azerbaijani land. International law supports our position. The whole world recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh as a territory of Azerbaijan. We will never allow to create second far-fetched “Armenian state” in the Azerbaijani land, we will restore our territorial integrity either peacefully or military. We are ready for both options. The pattern observed at the contact line during the last week before, gives grounds to say that we are ready for any scenario. How we won the Armenians in the political and economic field, just as we are able to defeat them on the battlefield. ”

The Head of State stressed that Azerbaijan has a strong military capability, “He has already been demonstrated at different times. Our technique is demonstrated in military exercises and parades. But our biggest strength – is the courage and patriotism of our soldiers. Today, Azerbaijan has grown such a lovely young generation that expects an order of the Supreme Commander. Recent developments also suggest that. Even non-military affairs people express their thoughts and desires, want to volunteer to go in the front area. It makes me very happy and it shows that in Azerbaijan the patriotic spirit high. Moral advantage on our side. ”

According to Aliyev, Armenia after the last event was a massive exodus of people: “And without that in recent years, Armenia annually forever leaves an average of 70-80 thousand people. But in the last days of this outcome increased. That is, they are afraid of us, are in a panic. They themselves admit that without external assistance will not be able to preserve the independence of Armenia. Openly admit that rely on external forces. We rely on our people, on their own strength. We will restore our territorial integrity must be restored. Azerbaijani people love its army, believe in it, and rely on it.”

Turning to military President Aliyev said that the soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers serving in all military units, are worthy of very high praise: “You run the risk of every minute of his life, showing great heroism. I appreciate that, and I want the people of Azerbaijan also knew what we have excellent fighters, heroes. Your future activities will be successful. Our cause is just. We live on their land. This is Azerbaijani land. City of Agdam, which is a few kilometers away – is also the Azerbaijani land. And Khankendi and Shusha, and all other occupied territories. Armenian barbarians, vandals destroyed the city of Agdam to the ground. Hence clearly visible ruins of the city of Agdam. All the buildings, except for the two destroyed. We will restore the city of Agdam. We will restore all occupied, destroyed cities. We will return to this land, we live and will live with the idea. Until then, until the conflict is resolved, we will continuously demonstrate its principled position advantage on the line of contact is always with us. I am often in military units. I have been on the line of contact, and in this region, and in other positions. Once again I want to say, I provided timely information. But today I have come to be with you in these trenches, to tell you my word and hence to assure the people of Azerbaijan that the Azerbaijani army protects the Azerbaijani state will achieve its goal. We will restore our territorial integrity, “stressed the President of Azerbaijan.