Awqaf Condemns News Claims on Suspending Hajj Registration for Qatar’s Citizens

The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) expressed its condemnation regarding the different news publish on Saudi media claiming that the ministry has closed down suspended Hajj registrations for Qatari nationals. The ministry considered the fabricated news to fall under the campaign against the State of Qatar, and the distortion of facts is meant to set obstacles for the pilgrims from Qatar to Mecca, following the crisis created by the siege countries.

Awqaf revealed Saudi Arabias Ministry of Hajj and Umrah refused to communicate regarding securing the pilgrims safety and facilitating their Hajj, stating that the issue is in the hands of the Saudi authorities and repudiated offering the Qatari pilgrims and safety guarantees.

Director of Hajj and Umrah Department at Awqaf Ali Sultan Al Misifry said the department has started the registration for Hajj from Qatar for a month last March as per usual, and closed it in the same month, as is followed each year to complete the usual procedures.

Al Misifry revealed the number of registrars reached 20,000 national and resident pilgrims, of which many of them joined Hajj campaign to begin their holy ritual. However, when the Saudi ministry refused to communicate and provide safety guarantees led to the apprehension of the Hajj campaigns and pilgrims, especially that the Qatari pilgrims have faced unjustified obstacles and harassments.

Awqaf added it is waiting to know the senior authorized entities in Saudi that are able to provide these guarantees, and expressed its regret for intertwining politics with one of the pillars of Islam, which may result in depriving many Muslims from performing this holy obligation.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs