Austrian court condemns man for supporting terrorism in Syria

VIENNA, March 3 (KUNA) — An Austrian court has sentenced a Bosnian man to eight years in prison on charges of supporting terrorist organizations and recruiting gunmen to join these organizations in Syria, official media reported Thursday. The courthouse, located in Graz city in southern Austria, has condemned the accused, who has been residing the country for 25 years, on charges of recruiting youngsters while meeting them occasionally at of the local mosques in the city and urging them to go fight in Syria, judicial sources said in press statements, according to Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF).
The trial of the accused, a 50 year-old whose identity was kept anonymous, took place under heavy guard and security procedures in anticipation of any possible violent acts or attacks by terrorist organizations.
In December 2014, the Croatian authorities handed the accused to Austria after arresting him while heading towards Turkey, where he was planning to cross to Syria afterwards. (end)