ARADO Director-General Praises Qatar’s E-government Experience

Cairo, – Dr. Nasser Al Hatlan al- Qahtani, Director General of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development (ARADO) on Monday hailed the State of Qatar’s experience in e-government field, describing it as “successful and pioneer.” This came in a statement by Dr. al-Qahtani to Qatar News Agency (QNA ) on the sidelines of a press conference organized here today to launch the Arab Forum on Continued E-Government “The Road to Sustainable Development” due to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in December.

Qatar’s experience is among the successful Arab experiences in the management field of which we shall take advantage and it represents a source of pride for ARADO , he said, adding that the State of Qatar have made significant steps in multiple areas, including electronic, aviation and e-government fields.

The State of Qatar has made great achievement and is considered as a source of pride not only for the Gulf region but also the Arab region in general, al-Qahatani went on saying.

Source: Qatar News Agency