Arab coalition in Yemen pinpoints targets accurately ahead of engagement – official

RIYADH, Jan 31 (KUNA) — The Arab coalition in Yemen predetermines its military targets based on accurate intelligence ahead of conducting air strikes, the Saudi-led operation’s spokesman outlined on Sunday.
Targets are reviewed and evaluated based on all aspects, Saudi Arabia’s Brig Gen Ahmad Aseeri told a press conference in Riyadh.
Aseeri explained that if the extent of damage outweighs the gains, targets are delayed, adding that fighter jets have been equipped with advanced surveillance equipment that reveals areas surrounding these targets.
Houthi militias are known to take to residential areas and hospitals which are prohibited targets under the operation’s coordinates, he added.
The Yemeni government sometimes request investigations into some accidents and are provided with all the information needed, he said, while a specialized Yemeni committee are briefed on all targets as pilots present detailed reports on their operations.
He ruled out Houthi claims of civilian casualties as a result of some of these operations, while criticizing reports made by some human rights organisations as “baseless.” The coalition earlier announced the formation of an independent fact-finding team tasked with presenting a detailed and objective assessment and investigation of weapons in use and international humanitarian law related to the operation. (end)