Aoun to Jazeera: Parliamentary elections shall take place based on new poll law

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, categorically stressed that the misunderstanding with some Gulf countries has been cleared out, indicating that a new chapter was opened with the old one folded.

President Aoun’s words came in an interview to the Qatari TV Channel “al-Jazeera” during his official visit to Qatar.

On the issue of providing aids to the Lebanese army including the Saudi Arabia’s military aid, Aoun said that this matter is under consultation amongst the concerned ministers, with no final decision yet taken due to the presence of some standing matters.

In reply to a question, Aoun deemed his election as president of the republic a “triumph to the Lebanese axis,” underlining that Lebanon is outside the frames of axes building its friendship with everyone.

Aoun stressed that “the upcoming parliamentary elections will be held on the basis of a new election law, notably with the existence of a Lebanese determination to accomplish such a law.

Source: National News Agency