HE the Advisory Council speaker said terrorism is the biggest challenge of the century and is as serious issue as wars and poverty, adding that it is a plague that threatens the lives of innocents, destroys properties and resources, and causes lack of security and safety in society, which, he said, calls for togetherness and cooperation to uproot it.

HE Al Khulaifi said distinction must be made between legitimate resistance and terrorism, noting that resistance is the result of aggression or occupation.

As for sustainable development and social justice, the speaker said sustainable development is a comprehensive concept that relates to the continuity of the economic, social, institutional and environmentalist sides of society whose institutions enable it to address their needs and express their existence while preserving biodiversity and sustainability of positive relations between the human system and bio-system, so they don’t jeopardize the chances of future generations in living a decent life, while at the same time preserving youth from extremism that is nurtured by poverty and ignorance.

HE Al Khulaifi said social justice means enabling everyone to socially, economically and politically integrate regardless of age, gender and background.

Addressing the issue of human rights, he said they are the minimum threshold that should be given to each human being, noting that the progress of countries is measured in that way.

As for women and enhancing their participation in the public sphere, HE Al Khulaifi said Qatar has worked to provide the appropriate circumstances to carry out that role, noting that women have held ministerial and diplomatic posts and were elected to the Central Municipal Council.

He added that the significant role that Qatar carries out in family care is reaffirmed through Article 21 of the constitution, which stipulates that the family is the base of society. He said that law regulates means of protecting the family and preserving motherhood, childhood and aging.

The Advisory Council speaker said youth play an important role in the construction, progress and development of societies as they constitute the biggest segment of society. He added that investing in youth and promoting their talents is a basic pillar of building a modern advanced state.

In this context, HE Al Khulaifi said, parliamentarians must work to provide the requirements for a new generation of young people so as to adopt the scientific, social and economic issues that would enhance the status of regional peoples among their world counterparts.

At the outset of his address, HE the Advisory Council speaker had extended his thanks to Morocco’s king, government and people for hosting the conference and the hospitality. He also congratulated the country for its return to the African Union as the 56th member state. (END)

Source: Qatar News Agency