7 Steps for Submission and Registration of Marine Vessel Sailing Application on Metrash2


In line with the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) development of electronic services, the Coasts and Borders Security Department launched a new service of marine vessels sailing application submission and registration on the Metrash2 application. This comes as part of its participation in the MOI’s booth at the International Exhibition of Internal Security and Civil Defense (Milipol 2021).

First Lieutenant Abdullah Saad Al-Khulaifi from the Information Systems Department confirmed to Qatar Radio that Metrash2 application  allows “registration of a sailing request” through easy steps that include accessing public services, choosing coastal and border security services, then the service of “registration of sailing request” and fill out the required information.

Regarding the registration steps, First Lieutenant Al-Khulaifi explained that they are seven steps that include choosing the medium, the purpose of sailing, the port of departure and return, the date and time of departure and return, the sailing destination, contact numbers, and passenger data.


Source: Government of Qatar