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Proposed Doha 2030 venue hosts QOC Padel Tournament as gateway to community sport

Doha, The Al Sadd Sports Club indoor hall, one of the many existing world-class venues proposed for the Doha 2030 Asian Games bid,  safely welcomed more than 300 members of the public for the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) Padel Tournament.


The tournament took place on 27-31 October and was part of a wider QOC “Sport for Life” community engagement strategy, which is encouraging people to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. Sport for Life is a central part of Doha’s bid for the 2030 Asian Games and reflects the country’s strong belief in the power of sport to drive social development.


The tournament was held to provide an opportunity for people to continue to safely practice sport during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Al Sadd Sports Club indoor hall, which would host billiards in 2030, is one of many proposed Doha 2030 venues that will continue to serve the community and elite sport before and after 2030.


Alex Garcia and Angel Carrasco won the first place in Category A, while Mohammed Saadoun and Gonzalo Sacho won the second place and Khalid Saadoun and Abdullah Hajji won the third place. In Category B, Rashid Nawwaf and Hamad Nawwaf won the first place, Jassem Al Mulla and George Perez won the second place, and Mohammed Al Shaabi and Abdullah Al Muezzin won the third place. In Category C, Abdullah Al Shaabi and Abdulrahman Al Shaabi won the first place, Abdullah Al Jaber and Ibrahim Al Najjar won the second place, and Salah Aqil and Casper won the third place.


Doha 2030 CEO and QOC Secretary General H.E Jassim Bin Rashid Al Buenain said:


“Now more than ever, sport has a major role to play in inspiring hope and positivity. The QOC Padel Tournament is just one small way we can support our communities by giving them the chance to stay active through practising sport in a COVID-19 secure environment. This is crucial not just for physical wellbeing but for mental wellbeing as well.


“We are fortunate to have so many existing world-class sports venues in Qatar which makes it possible to deliver these opportunities in a safe way. Ensuring that these facilities benefit Qatar and the region from now until 2030 and beyond, is a central pillar of our bid to host the Asian Games. We are focused on using the Games to deliver benefits to Asian sport and serving as a gateway to a brighter future for Asia.”


Padel is one of the proposed sports on the Doha 2030 Games programme and has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. ​


Source: Qatar Olympic Committee


Mr. Mazen Wathaifi the Chief Executive Officer of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) said that 96% out of 180 listed companies have provided the ASE with their reviewed quarterly reports for the period ended 30/09/2020 within the specified period in the Directives of Listing Securities. This high percentage reflects the compliance of listed companies with the laws and regulations, and the commitment of such companies to the principles of transparency and disclosure.

Wathaifi added that all companies listed on the ASE should submit to the ASE their reviewed interim reports within the specified period, according to the Directives for Listing Securities on the ASE.

Wathaifi confirmed that the ASE circulates these financial statements to the brokerage firms, and post them on the ASE website www.exchange.jo under Circulars and Disclosures/ Quarterly reports window, and by the “ASE NEWS” application.

Wathaifi added that companies namely THE ARAB ASSURERS INSURANCE COMPANY, AFAQ HOLDING FOR INVESTMENT & REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY and ALENTKAEYA FOR INVESTMENT&REALESTATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY; have failed to provide the ASE with their reviewed interim reports for the period ended on 30/9/2020 during the specified period. Accordingly, the ASE suspended their shares from trading as of Sunday 1/11/2020. The companies will remain suspended until they provide the ASE with the required financial statements.

The ASE also continues suspending the trading in shares of JORDAN PRESS FOUNDATION/AL-RA’I COMPANY, JORDAN PROJECTS FOR TOURISM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, Jordanian CO. For Developing & Financial Investment COMPANY, TRAVERTINE COMPANY and PHILADELPHIA INSURANCE COMPANY, for failing to provide the ASE with their previous financial statements, in addition to the interim financial statements for the period ended 30/9/2020, noting that the shares of these companies shall continue to be available for trading in the Unlisted Securities Market (OTC).


Source: Amman Stock Exchange


The Chief Executive Officer of the Amman Stock Exchange ASE, Mr. Mazen Al-Wathaifi, said that 172 out of 180 listed companies provided the ASE with the reviewed financial statements for the period ended 30/9/2020. The profits after tax attributed to shareholders for the public shareholding companies listed on ASE that provided the stock exchange with its financial data amounted to JD 273.9 million, compared to JD925.0 million for the same companies and the same period of 2019, a decrease of 70.4%. And the profits before tax amounted to JD 487.9 million for the first three quarters of 2020, compared to JD1296.6 million for the same period of 2019, which represents a decrease of 62.4%.

At the sectoral level, profits after tax attributed to shareholders of companies for the Financial sector amounted JD204.2 million, compared to JD 653.0 million for the same period of 2019, which represents a decrease of 68.7%. As for the Industrial sector the profits after tax attributed to shareholders amounted JD107.1 million compared to JD 153.3 million for the same period of 2019, which represents a decrease of 30.1%. And for the Services sector the profits after tax attributed to shareholders showed a negative value of JD 37.4 million compared to a positive value of  JD 118.6 million for the same period of 2019, which represents a decrease of 131.5%.

As for net profit after tax attributable to shareholders for the third quarters from July to October of 2020 for the listed companies which have provided the ASE with their financial reports has decreased to JD 159.3 million, compared to JD 325.6 million for the same period of 2019, a decrease of 51.1%. And the profit before tax for these companies decreased to JD 232.2 million for the third quarters of 2020, compared to JD458.4 million for the same period of 2019, a decrease of 49.3%.


Source: Amman Stock Exchange

0% interest rate for new QNB credit card customers

Doha, QNB, the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, has launched another market first with the introduction of 0% interest rate credit card in the market. New QNB credit card customers will be able to enjoy interest free rates applied to their outstanding balance for up to 12 months on all their purchases.

Customers can purchase any items globally, both online and in-store with minimum monthly repayment option without the need to pay interest on their purchases. This feature allows customers greater financial flexibility in addition to earning reward points for the purchases made.

This unique feature will be greatly beneficial to new credit card customers. QNB Cards and Retail Payment products are keen to set new benchmarks in the payments industry through innovation, safety and security.

This offer reflects QNB’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the ultimate banking experience with exclusive benefits that allow them a great opportunity to enjoy a world of exclusive rewards, travel and the most exceptional shopping experiences.

QNB Group’s presence through its subsidiaries and associate companies extends to more than 31 countries across three continents, providing a comprehensive range of advanced products and services. It has more than 29,000 employees operating through 1,100 locations, with an ATM network of more than 4,300 machines.


Source: Qatar National Bank

Doha Bank Achieves Continuation of ISO20000 for IT Service Management

Doha Bank has been recommended to continue the ISO20000 Certification, for its continuous compliance to global standard for IT Service Management. The bank was certified in 2007 and has been maintaining and improving the IT processes since then.

ISO 20000 is the first worldwide standard specifically aimed at IT Service Management. It describes an integrated set of management processes for the effective delivery of services to the business and its customers. The certification advances the dedication to continual improvement of the service management system.

“Highest standard of service delivery requires ongoing innovation on Information Technology thus enabling efficiency and convenience of banking services. In order to ensure we meet the goal of quality of service, we are committed to follow international best practices and standards. The ISO certification represents official recognition for Doha Bank’s Technology Department’s commitment to quality, to applying good business practices, and their expertise as a provider of IT services to the Bank. This emphasise the Bank’s commitment to provide integrated operational and support processes that ensure management commitment, effective monitoring and continuous process improvement.” Dr. R. Seetharaman, Group CEO said.

“We have always had a clear vision towards IT Service Management. Our objective of implementing an IT Service Management system is to continuously improve the quality of service to our customers in a well-managed and consistent way. Our highly skilled IT team is dedicated towards providing high quality services to our customers and the business departments of the Bank”. Mr. Peter John Clark, Chief Operating Officer.

Doha Bank has defined its policy for IT Service Management as “To adopt and adapt state of the art IT technology integrating with people and processes to support and improve all business processes”.


Source: Doha Bank