(164) million riyals Zakat Fund revenues during the months of Shaaban and Ramadan

Zakat Fund at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs revenues during the months of Shaaban and Ramadan last two “164 215 305” QR Zakat proceeds “5304” of citizens and residents. The advanced management of the Fund thanks and gratitude to the esteemed anointed full trust fund, which represents the official authority for the collection and distribution of Zakat in the country chosen to be an agent for them in the delivery of Zkoathm to those who deserve it , liquid Almighty to Aojarham as they gave, and bless them while they kept, so as stated in the year when pray for Mzqui. And confirms the Zakat Fund that it works everything in its power to achieve its role in the delivery of alms for families owed which the more than twenty thousand families registered within the country and covered in verse 60 of Surah Repentance which says: “but alms to the poor and the needy and the workers on whose hearts and in necks and debtors in the way of Allah and the son of the obligatory way of Allah , and Allah is Knowing , wise “, where the adoption of maximum real need to beneficiaries through social research office system Almeida J accredited to the Fund which is taking place at the hands of a team of researchers and researchers Librarians and field owners long experience in this field, and who enable them to experience discrimination deserving of the real needs help students owners, where this is done through the present case study thoroughly complete through the documents submitted by financial entities such as banks and the stock market as well as the competent courts, which explains the whole financial situation of the owner of the need, as well as the personal interviews of the persons concerned aid students, which would result in the preparation and writing desk and field research Beso Rh distinct realized where the basic process of careful research that does not Tkhalth elements of any impurities. Taking into account that the Fund does not do the door of “the workers” in the verse being given to staff at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs paid from the budget allocated to the Ministry. Also it emphasizes that the Zakat that is disbursed within the country , the proportion of more than 95% while the percentage does not exceed (5%) remaining progress as a contribution from the Fund in projects organized by associations and national charities for the benefit of the poor and the needy in Muslim countries that are exposed disasters and crises. Can Almzkon who do not allow distractions to deliver Zkoathm fund or one of the offices and collection points scattered in the vital areas of the country can call the rapid conductor of the Fund on a mobile phone: “55199996” or through the Fund ‘s website on the link: http: //www.zakat. gov.qa, it can also be delivered through the Zakat site “government” as well as through e – automatic deposit and withdrawal funds of the Islamic bank of Qatar and Al Rayyan.

Source: Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs