Qatar denied it had banned Saudi Arabian flights from landing, to transport Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, after an accusation by Saudi authorities, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

Saudi Arabian Airlines, on Sunday, said, Qatari authorities had refused to grant a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight, scheduled to transport Qatari haj pilgrims, permission to land at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport.

An official source in the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, on Monday, “described as baseless the news that allegedly claimed that the state of Qatar refused to allow Saudi Airlines to transport the Qatari pilgrims.”

Qatar’s civil aviation authority confirmed that, it had received a request from the Saudi carrier for permission to land, and had referred the airline to the ministry of Islamic affairs, “in accordance with past practices.

The Haj in Saudi Arabia is expected to draw around two million Muslims from around the world

Source: NAM News Network

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