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YU head, Iraqi cultural attache explore academic collaboration

President of Yarmouk University (YU) Islam Massad met with the Iraqi Cultural Attache in Amman, Khair al-Din al-Amin, to delve into avenues for enhancing bilateral cooperation in academic and research realms.In a statement released by YU on Sunday, Massad emphasized the remarkable achievements of the university over its nearly 47-year journey.He highlighted the university’s academic excellence, scientific contributions, and the dedication of its faculty, staff, and students.Furthermore, Massad provided an overview of the University’s history, development, diverse faculties, programs, and research centers, underscoring its commitment to community service and its ongoing collaboration with various entities and institutions to benefit society.The head of the University expressed enthusiasm for fostering cultural and academic relations with Iraqi universities, aiming to achieve common goals and aspirations.Additionally, he emphasizedthe university’s readiness to welcome Iraqi students, particularly for postgr
aduate studies, across its various faculties and programs.In turn, the Iraqi attache praised the esteemed position of Yarmouk University and commended its diverse faculties and academic programs, which adapt to scientific advancements and emphasize rigorous research activities.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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