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Safadi meets French, German delegations on Gaza

Amman: Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi Monday discussed at a meeting with a delegation from the French Senate efforts to stop the Israeli war on Gaza.

Safadi discussed with a delegation from the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation the repercussions of continued Israeli war on the embattled enclave and the threat it poses to regional security and stability.

He stressed the “need” to stop the war, warning of the consequences of the international community’s failure to stop the war and implement international law and humanitarian law.

He warned of the deepening humanitarian catastrophe facing Gaza as Israel prevents “adequate” aid from reaching the enclave and obstructing the work of UN organisations, especially UNRWA.

Safadi stressed that the risk of the war expanding regionally is “real and increasing” as Israel continues its aggression and escalates its illegal measures in the occupied West Bank, which undermines the chances of achieving peace.

He added that the failure to stop the war on Gaza and to impleme
nt international law “reflects negatively on everyone and the status and reputation of Western countries in the region.”

He added that there is no alternative to ending the occupation and fulfilling the rights of the Palestinian people and their right to freedom and a sovereign state with occupied Jerusalem as its capital on the lines of June 4, 1967.

Safadi discussed with the two delegations the Jordanian efforts to stop the war, bring humanitarian aid into Gaza and launch a real and effective movement to implement the two-state solution.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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