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QU’s Young Scientists Center Concludes Second Cycle of ‘Gateway to Qatar University’ Program

The Qatar University Young Scientists Center (QU-YSC) concluded its second cycle of the ‘Gateway to Qatar University’ program for preparatory students, with the participation of 176 students from nine local schools.

The program was keen to introduce students to the fields of STEM (namely science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to motivate young people to explore these disciplines from a young age and allow them to discover their aspirations and scientific passion early, which facilitates the process of choosing a university major later.

The program includes workshops that follow the STEM learning system. This innovative educational system aims to advance education and prepare students to deal with modern practical reality through interactive scientific activities based on research and creative learning. During this program, students learned about several fields at QU, including engineering, science, and the medical fields represented by the Colleges of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy.

In her speech, Director of the QU-YSC Prof. Noora Al-Thani said “without a doubt, one of the most challenging things for secondary school students who are preparing to join the university is how to choose the appropriate major and the appropriate university that can meet their future desires.” “As this pivotal step poses a great challenge and puts them under countless pressure, the ‘Gateway to Qatar University’ program aims to help secondary school students learn about university majors early, which will prepare a generation of scientists to fulfill market demands and achieve Qatar National Vision 2030,” Prof. Al-Thani added.

Qatar University Young Scientists Center (QUYSC) aims to enhance the capabilities and skills of Qatari youth through advanced scientific and training initiatives and programs. It also opens horizons for bridging programs for students to move smoothly from the secondary stage to the university stage through various programs and platforms for creativity and excellence in learning and scientific research. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency

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