QU Starts Receiving E-Textbooks Purchase Requests from Today for Spring 2023 Semester

The Student Services Department of Qatar University (QU) starts receiving e-textbooks purchase requests from today for Spring 2023 Semester. According to the instruction guide, textbooks that a student needs to purchase shall be selected via the myBanner system, and then a student shall select a book or more. Once e-textbooks are purchased, fees are non-refundable.

Concerning printed textbooks, the service has been available via Qatar Post since January 29, 2023, by submitting a request for the purchase and delivery of printed textbook under the self-service system, according to the instruction guide steps. As for the service of attending in person for the collection of printed textbooks, it has been available since January 25 until February 23, 2023.

Appointments shall be available for booking at 12:00 PM by booking a prior appointment via the appointment system, and then visiting the University Textbooks Section on the booked appointment.

Source: Government of Qatar

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