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Qatari Sport Delegations Continue to Arrive in China for Asian Games

Qatari sport delegations continue to arrive in China in preparation for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou to be held from September 23 to October 8.

On Sunday, the delegation of the Qatari football team arrived in Hangzhou, followed by the sailing team. On Saturday, both the volleyball and the beach volleyball teams arrived in China.

The Qatari teams partake in intensive and final preparation programs upon their arrival to present the best performance during the 19th Asian Games.

The Qatari administrative delegation is making great efforts for all arrangements related to receiving the participating teams. The accommodation facilities in the Olympic Village in Hangzhou have been prepared, as well as selecting training stadiums, transportation and all other logistical arrangements.

The football and volleyball competitions are scheduled to begin four days before the opening ceremony, as the Qatari volleyball and football teams will begin their competitions next Wednesday.

In the football competitions, the Qatari team will face Japan next Wednesday in its first match of the group stage. The group also includes Palestine.

As for the volleyball competitions, the Qatari team will play its first match against Thailand next Wednesday as well. The group also includes Hong Kong.

Saeed Juma, head of the volleyball team delegation, confirmed that the players are ready to compete in the 19th Asian Games and affirmed their determination to reach the furthest point, adding that the team includes impressive players which gives it strength and an advantage.

He noted the importance of Qatar’s first match against Thailand since the opening match is always difficult and because of the capabilities of the Thai team. However, he affirmed that the Qatari team is fully prepared to achieve the best results.

The Qatari delegation of the 19th Asian Games includes 182 male and female athletes competing in 27 sports. They are aiming to obtain a tally of medals that reflect the great development that sports has witnessed in Qatar with the support of its leadership.

During the Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games, Qatar won 13 medals: 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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