Qatar University (QU) is proud to announce that 10 grants were awarded to its students in the 9th cycle awards (GSRA).


This demonstrates, superior training and preparations of QU students to pursue graduate studies. QU nurtures an exciting research culture for its students throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies to prepare them to become skilled and forward-thinking scientists. Within the efforts to enhance the research skills of the undergraduate students, QU Research Office awards annually over 240 student grants, including 350 students to support student research projects. Furthermore, QU students attain massive advantage of funding opportunities from QNRF, Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) grants to develop their research, soft and technical, skills which contribute to preparing them for the successful completion of their graduate studies.


Significantly, QU programs embed mandatory and elective research courses that further contribute to the preparation of these students to enroll in prestigious graduate programs and win competitive graduate scholarships such as GSRA. QU students benefit from the support and mentorship of highly qualified faculty members with established track records in research excellence as demonstrated by the most

Overall, the stimulating learning environment provided by QU to its students is inspiring the next generation of scientists and preparing them for successful careers in research and innovation that ultimately contribute to the national vision of 2030. The achievement of QU students in GSRA9 is a dedication of the continuous efforts of QU in fostering a culture of scientific research among its students throughout their studies. QU congratulates all winners on this achievement.


Being an intellectual and scholarly community Qatar University’s (QU) vision is to be recognized and distinctive in education and research. Therefore, QU is adamant on providing a suitable environment for its students, undergraduate and graduate, that aids in their scholarly excellence. In addition, it provides the students with well-equipped facilities for their research, in different research priorities and pillars such as, Energy and Environment, Health and Biomedical Sciences, Information and Communications Technologies, and Social Sciences and Humanities.


As part of QU’s motivation to their students, the Graduate Studies Office encourages innovation, entrepreneurial skills, and academic distinction. Among the resources available for the students are courses to enhance their educational abilities, as well as, the engaging actives in support of graduate students such as hiring them as Graduate Assistants (GA) to assist them and enhance their academic background. One of the main resources is the Graduate Learning Support (GLS) Office, which focuses on supporting the graduate students in developing their research skills in writing theses and research letters.


In addition, QU encourages its students in applying to different research grants programs locally and internationally and provides them with over 20 types of grants. One of the research grants is the Graduate Sponsorship Research Award (GSRA). GSRA is part of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). It has launched its 9th cycle, which aims to encourage graduate students to boost their knowledge, skills, and experience to become future leaders and researchers. In the 9th cycle of GSRA, scholarships were awarded based on the following evaluation criteria:

– Candidates’ Profiles with a focus on the quality of academic achievements and prior research exposure and experience.


– Importance of the proposed research topic to Qatar, its alignment with national priorities, and impact on training and capacity building.


– Quality of research enablers including the caliber of the educational ecosystem and graduate program in addition to the profile of mentors.


Source: Qatar University

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