The Department of Sports Affairs at Qatar University (QU), in cooperation with the Qatar University Sports Federation, marked the International Day of University Sport event under the slogan (Discover your sport). With the aim of expanding the students’ horizons in choosing the appropriate sport for them through practice.


The event was attended by Dr. Hassan Rashid Al-Derham, President of Qatar University, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi, President of the Qatar University Sports Federation, Dr. Iman Mustafawi, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Diab, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, and Ms. Asma Al-Nuaimi, Director of the University’s Sports Affairs Department, and many university affiliates, including professors, employees, and students of the university participated in this event.


The event included many activities, including a tour around the sports and events complex track, and a visit to the group’s sports facilities, such as tennis and squash courts and the gym. In addition, the students participated in discovering their sports talents by playing basketball, volleyball, and football matches and other sports.


In his statement, Dr. Hassan Rashid Al-Derham, President of Qatar University, said: “More than 28,000 students attend Qatar University, and this is the biggest youth gathering in Qatar. It’s crucial for this age group to practice sports on a regular basis. Due to its infrastructure in the field of sports and the expansion of its organizational structures, the university has access to renowned and qualified sports coaches, and it constantly works to foster a culture of sports among its faculty, staff, and students.”


Dr. Hassan added, “The University Sports Federation for University Sports was recently established, and Qatar University is a founding member of this federation. The university also works closely with the Qatar Olympic Committee and the Qatar University Sports Federation, and it will contribute to developing plans and programs for local and regional university competitions collaborating with the Qatar University Sports Federation.”


For his part, Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Nuaimi, President of the Qatar University Sports Association, praised the great turnout and the wide participation of male and female students from various institutions of higher education in the activities of the International Day of University Sports, which continued throughout Tuesday in various locations and facilities.


Dr. Ibrahim added, “We are happy to celebrate the International Day of University Sports with a large participation of higher education institutions, universities, colleges, and stakeholders as our promising federation launches its first sporting events and community activities. This is in line with our crucial goal of promoting sports and physical activities in higher education institutions according to international standards, including it increases awareness of the concept of sport and its positive impact on the health of the individual among the student community and within the community system.”


Dr. Al-Nuaimi explained that this nascent federation will move forward in implementing its plans and programs starting from the year 2023 after the end of the largest event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and its most important priority is investing in the university student and employing his talent and sports skills to turn into an active element that nourishes the national sports teams.


Also Dr. Al-Nuaimi said that the federation will work to develop the university sports system by organizing local university sports tournaments and encouraging the participation of students in regional and international university sports competitions in higher education institutions and society.


In turn, Professor Asmaa Al-Naimi, Director of Sports Activities Department, said: “Discover Your Sport was the theme of today’s International Day of University Sport celebration at Qatar University. Under the auspices of the Qatar Institution Sports Federation, the university put together a number of sporting, fitness, and leisure events for its students. Events that are officially sanctioned by UNESCO and the International Federation of University Sports are intended to improve ties between universities and the communities in which they are located. These activities typically center on sports, healthy living, and fostering communication among students.”


Prof. Asmaa added, “The activities of the event varied, as the students participated in many sports to discover their talent, such as futsal, basketball, handball and volleyball. In addition, the students participated in fitness classes, stationary bikes, and individual games such as squash, tennis, and table tennis.”


Source: Qatar University

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