Qatar Charity resumes health facility’s operation in Yemen

Qatar Charity (QC) has resumed the operation of a significant health center in Ibb, a governorate of Yemen, after its eight-year interruption caused by the exceptional conditions of the country.


furniture, equipment, medical supplies, and necessary medicines were provided for the recommencement of the health center’s operation, in addition to paying the monthly salaries of the center’s staff.


The health center is the lifeline for many districts, due to its strategic location linking the two governorates of Yemen, Hodeidah and Ibb. It provides health services to tens of thousands of Yemenis in the countryside.


The director of the Health Office of the Rural Districts in Ibb, Dr. Najeeb Abdul Rahman Darmoush, thanked the philanthropists of Qatar and Qatar Charity for recommencing the operation of the health center, indicating that the center provides health services to nearly 25,000 people from neighboring villages and districts.


He noted the region’s need for health services, as the surrounding community suffers from extreme poverty, and unable to afford treatment in the city. He expressed his great happiness for the restart of the health center.


For his part, Dr. Abdul Rahman Abu Ras, director of the health center, said Qatar Charity took the lead in providing furniture, equipment, medical supplies, and necessary medicines, in addition to paying the monthly incentive for the medical staff of the center. He added that the medicines and devices that were provided are essential to the operation of the center.


Besides, Qatar Charity’s Yemen office, through its ‘Children and Family Care’ program, continues to support 13,500 sponsored persons, including orphans, students, teachers, persons with special need, and the poorest families.


The sponsorship program contributes to alleviating the suffering of the sponsored by meeting their basic needs, paying tuition fees, and providing school supplies.


Basma, an 8-year-old orphan, expressed her great happiness with Qatar Charity’s sponsorship, which greatly contributed to her return to school after a three-year hiatus.


The mother of Asmaa, a sponsored girl, said the sponsorship helps her meet her family’s basic needs and send her children to the school.


Source: Qatar Charity

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