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President of Arab World Institute in Paris to QNA: Qatar Has Pivotal Role in Teaching Arabic Language in France -1-

President of the Arab World Institute in Paris Jack Lang said that this great event will be under the supervision of the well-known Palestinian intellectual and figure Elias Sanbar, indicating that the Institute is almost the only institution in the world that allocates such support, attention and celebration of the Palestinian cause and Palestinian culture and creativity.

He warned of the current dangerous and delicate situation that the Palestinian cause is experiencing and indicated that it is marginalized, forgotten and excluded in the world today.

Jack Lang stressed that the Institute is keen to give the Palestinian cause the importance it deserves, so that the voice of the Palestinian people and the free creative voices of the whole world can be heard.

He noted that the Arab World Institute in Paris hosts the Museum of Contemporary Art for Palestinian Creativity in Exile. It includes important and wonderful Palestinian artworks that introduce French and European visitors to the depth of Palestinian culture and creativity in exile and diaspora.

He also pointed out that the institute is heading, with the school entry next fall, to organize another remarkable event that celebrates contemporary Arab plastic art from all schools and trends, and all Arab countries will be represented by their culture, heritage and customs.

Jack Lang is among the French intellectuals who defend the Arabic language and the need for its presence in the school and cultural milieu. In this context, he published in 2020 the book “The Arabic Language.. a Treasure of France”, in which he sheds light on the depth of the Arabic language, its history and its distinguished position, past and present. Despite the value of this book, and the value of the voices defending the Arabic language, this language still has not gained its fortune, and this treasure is still hidden, marginalized and forgotten in France, in the opinion of some.

In this context, the former academic and law professor explained that France is historically linked to the Arab world, whether in the positive, cultural, civilized sense or in the negative, colonial (colonial) sense, pointing out that the Arabic language is one of the important cultural links between Paris and the Arabs, stressing at the same time, However, when he was a minister, he encouraged the teaching of the Arabic language in French schools, despite all the obstacles he encountered.

He explained that he noticed, during his assumption of his ministerial duties, that the problem in France does not lie only in the Arabic language, but rather in the rest of the foreign languages, such as German, Italian and Spanish, which also remained marginalized, indicating that the Arabic language today is taught in many French institutes and schools, but there is a problem of continuity that it suffers from, which repels some pupils and students from learning it, despite their attachment to it, pointing out that the French state has signed cooperation agreements in recent years with Maghreb countries to recruit qualified Arabic language teachers, within the framework of encouraging the intensification of continuity in learning this beautiful language.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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