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PDTRA Consults with Investors to Boost Petra’s Tourism Sector

Petra, Jordan – The Petra Development Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) held a consultative meeting with tourism sector investors in the city of Petra, led by Chairman Fares Braizat.

According to Jordan News Agency, the purpose of the meeting was to understand and address the challenges faced by investors in Petra’s tourism sector, and to explore ways to diversify and develop existing investments to extend tourists’ stays in the area. He emphasized the significance of preserving Petra’s archaeological site, promoting it as a unique world heritage site, and boosting its global tourist appeal. The meeting also focused on increasing the tourism sector’s contribution to Jordan’s gross domestic product, diversifying income sources, and supporting the national economy. Braizat highlighted the importance of considering local authorities and communities in the district as key partners in improving services provided in Petra. This meeting is part of a series of discussions and sessions conducted by the PDTRA’s Board of Commissioners with various sectors to develop Petra and enhance the tourism sector and services for citizens and visitors.

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