Najjar participates in COP 28 ministerial culture-climate meeting

Minister of Culture, Haifa Najjar, on Friday evening took part in the ministerial meeting held in Dubai on “Culture-based Role in Protecting the Climate and Addressing its Changes,” within activities of UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 28) hosted by the UAE.

On her participation in the conference, Najjar said in a statement to “Petra” that climate challenge is not an environmental challenge, but rather a cultural dilemma, given that cultural work always seeks to achieve a better life and stability on this planet.

Najjar expressed “remarkable” appreciation for the UAE efforts in hosting COP 28 and called on the culture ministers to contribute to this important issue, pointing to Jordan’s continuing efforts in all efforts aimed to protect climate and confront its challenges.

Additionally, Najjar noted culture is a “major” component of the climate issue within a comprehensive and integrated vision for quality of life.

In her remote participation, Najjar also stressed importance of protecting
civilians in the Gaza Strip and safeguarding civilians who are exposed to climate conditions across the world.

Najjar said climate-based cultural work contributes to restoring confidence in building society, protecting people and enhancing their presence.

The minister also affirmed Jordan’s “wise and objective” voice in this aspect, as a voice that carries “positive” values towards a common humanity.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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