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Kuwaiti delegation visits Queen Rania Teacher Academy

A delegation from Kuwait’s National Committee for Education Support and the Education Support Endowment visited the Queen Rania Teacher Academy on Sunday to gain insights into the Academy’s innovative approach towards training, qualifying, and sharing knowledge and experiences with teachers in Jordan and the Arab region.The visit aimed to establish a similar educational model in Kuwait to improve the quality of education and training in the region.During the visit, the delegation met with the academy staff to review their workflow, including their human resource models, organizational structure, quality assurance, training programs, communication strategies, and media practices.They also discussed various methods and practices that can improve the quality of training and meet the needs of the changing labor market, which can be reflected in the necessary competencies.Experts from the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Curriculum Development provided an overview of Jordan’s educational syste
m, professional development policies, early childhood, and curricula.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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