JTB launches promotion campaign at Cannes film festival

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) has launched a marketing campaign for Jordan, as part of the Cannes International Film Festival, which is being held until May 27th in Cannes, France. According to a statement on Saturday, Director General of the JTB Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat stressed the importance of the Kingdom’s marketing campaign in such events, noting that more than 80,000 filmmakers, directors, actors and journalists are expected to attend the festival, which is one of the most important film exhibitions. He pointed to the JTB’s plans to utilize Jordan’s enormous potential to make it a global destination for filming, indicating that the global film industry is worth an estimated $88 billion annually. Film organizations around the world compete to attract the industry to their countries, he noted, due to the large direct and indirect economic benefits it brings, including creating new job opportunities in the tourism sector and bringing tourism revenues to wider regions in Jordan. On a local level, Arabiyat said that the revenues of the film industry in Jordan have exceeded JD150 million over the past ten years and have provided thousands of jobs, adding that the JTB has invited many production companies from Hollywood and Bollywood in previous years to encourage them to shoot more films in Jordan by providing incentives to film producers.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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