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Jordanian Lower House Calls for ICC Action Against Israeli Leaders

Amman – Members of the Jordanian Lower House of Parliament have called for legal action against Israeli officials at the International Criminal Court (ICC), accusing them of committing war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza. The call for lawsuits against Israeli leaders for “crimes of genocide” came during a session convened on Monday to discuss the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

According to Jordan News Agency, which included government officials, focused on the situation in the “besieged Gaza Strip” under what they termed as “brutal occupation war” by Israel. The MPs rejected Jordan’s agreements with Israel and tasked the House’s Legal Committee with reviewing all agreements between Jordan and Israel. They plan to file complaints with international human rights organizations, accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and genocidal practices against Palestinians in Gaza.

The parliamentarians condemned the actions of Israeli forces in Gaza, stating that the situation does not require witnesses as it is evident to Western public opinion. They criticized Western countries for allegedly ignoring the actions of Israel in Gaza. The MPs called on the international community to intervene to stop the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, asserting that the mass abuses, civilian killings, and destruction of vital facilities, including hospitals and places of worship, are unacceptable.

The Lower House emphasized Jordan’s unwavering support for the Palestinians, referencing the historical sacrifices of the Jordanian Arab army in Jerusalem. They commended King Abdullah’s efforts in defending Palestinian rights at international and regional forums, including the emergency Arab and Islamic summit in Riyadh focused on the Israeli conflict in Gaza.

The MPs appreciated King Abdullah’s stance against the displacement of Palestinians and his efforts to promote pan-Arab unity. They also acknowledged Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II’s involvement in overseeing the Jordanian field hospital and aid delivery in Gaza.

The Lower House denounced the Israeli forces’ actions as barbaric, warning that any attempts at displacing Palestinians would be considered as a declaration of war by Jordan. They lauded the Jordanian Armed Forces and security services for their role in protecting citizens and delivering medical aid to Gaza. Finally, the MPs praised the resilience of Palestinians in Gaza, hailing their steadfastness against the Israeli military.

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