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Jordanian Ambassador Visits New Military Field Hospital in Nablus

Gaza – Jordanian Ambassador to Palestine, Issam Bdour, made a significant visit on Saturday to the Jordanian military field hospital Nablus/1, recently established under a royal directive in the Palestinian city in the occupied West Bank. This visit marks Jordan’s continued commitment to providing medical and humanitarian assistance in the region.

According to Jordan News Agency, during his visit, the ambassador and an embassy delegation were briefed by the hospital’s commander on the variety of services offered and the preparedness of the medical and nursing staff. Bdour met with the hospital staff, expressing admiration for King Abdullah’s noble gesture in extending medical and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. He commended the hospital staff for their outstanding efforts in fulfilling their humanitarian duty, reflecting Jordan’s and the Hashemite leadership’s support for Palestinian resilience.

The field hospital is equipped with a full medical team and offers a range of services including general surgery, orthopedic, plastic, pediatric, arterial and blood vessel, maxillofacial, neurological, and accident surgery clinics. It also features ambulance and emergency services, two operating rooms, a radiology laboratory, a pharmacy, and various medical equipment, making it a crucial healthcare facility in the region.

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