Jordan, Netherlands Armed Forces conduct Joint Airdrops in northern Gaza

Amman: The Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) and the Netherlands Armed Forces conducted two joint airdrops on Monday evening using C-130 aircraft near the Jordanian Field Hospital Gaza 77 in the northern Gaza Strip.

This operation was carried out in continuation of the international efforts spearheaded by Jordan to arrange and support the delivery of humanitarian and relief aid to the people in the Gaza Strip.

The aid included relief, humanitarian, and medical supplies delivered in special boxes equipped with GPS-guided parachutes to ensure their delivery to the designated locations within the required timeframes.

This operation is a complementation of the Kingdom’s efforts in assisting the people and brothers in the Gaza Strip due to the ongoing war, a confirmation of the strong bilateral relations between the two friendly countries, and an expression of the value of solidarity and cooperation that the Dutch people have for the Palestinian people.

JAF stressed that it will continue to provide all forms of suppor
t and assistance to the people in the Gaza Strip to alleviate their suffering due to the difficult humanitarian conditions they are facing, to support their steadfastness on their land in various ways and means, and to enhance the capabilities of hospitals in providing medical and therapeutic services to patients, wounded, and injured people in light of the war on the Strip.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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