Jordan has never been, will never be place for Syrian refugees resettlement, says Interior Minister, 2nd, final add

_: Faraya lauded the UAE’s great humanitarian role in serving Syrian refugees in Jordan, commending the depth of Jordanian-Emirati relations and their common goal to serve the needy and care for refugees. The Emirates-Jordanian camp is the biggest proof of the good spirit of the people of the UAE.

During the visit, Faraya spoke with a number of Syrian refugees and reminded them of the need to instill a sense of belonging in their hearts to their homeland, Syria, and that Jordan will remain supportive of all Arab brothers.

He pointed out that more than 120,000 Syrian refugees have visited Jordan and met their families after the events in Syria caused them to migrate and separate from each other.

For his part, the head of the Emirati relief team, Hassan Salem Al-Qaidi, reviewed the Emirati experience in providing relief and care for Syrian refugees in Jordan since the establishment of the Emirates-Jordanian camp in 2012 and what followed in terms of expansion, development, and modernization of services on al
l fronts. The camp’s 6,200 Syrian refugees now have access to high-quality health, educational, social, and other facilities.

He expressed appreciation for Jordan’s role and efforts in facilitating the work of the Emirates Red Crescent inside the camp and the continued support for its management to maintain the provision of services with ease and safety.

Faraya toured the camp’s facilities, learning about the reality of the services provided as well as the psychological and social conditions of the refugees, as a number of them expressed gratitude and appreciation to Jordan for hosting them safely and generously after the difficulties and dangers they had faced.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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