Joint Arab-Islamic Ministerial Committee and Russian Foreign Minister Discuss Ceasefire in Gaza

Moscow – A crucial meeting between the Joint Arab-Islamic Ministerial Committee and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was held in Moscow to address the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza and ceasefire efforts.

According to Jordan News Agency, Lavrov lauded the Committee, established by the Arab-Islamic Summit, for its role in pursuing a long-standing ceasefire in Gaza. He affirmed Russia’s support for an immediate ceasefire, aligning with UN and Security Council resolutions, and the decisions of the peace summit in Cairo and the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh. Lavrov condemned Israel’s “collective punishment” against Palestinians in Gaza and accused Israel of committing “blatant violations” of international humanitarian law.

He also emphasized the need for increased humanitarian aid to prevent a significant humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. The Ministerial Committee underscored the urgency for the Security Council and international community to take immediate and effective action to realize a ceasefire in Gaza. The Committee’s discussions also focused on lifting the Israeli siege, releasing prisoners, and initiating a fair peace process backed by international legitimacy.

The Committee called for the international community’s firm rejection of selective application of international legal and moral standards and turning a blind eye to Israeli crimes. They stressed the importance of delivering essential humanitarian aid to Gaza, citing the deprivation of basic life necessities as a clear violation of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Ministerial Committee includes foreign ministers from various Arab and Islamic countries and the secretary of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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