Jewelry and Pharmaceuticals Spearhead Robust Growth in Kingdom’s Exports

Amman, Jordan – Jewelry and pharmaceutical materials have been key drivers in bolstering the national export growth of the Kingdom, as per recent statistics. This surge in specific sectors has played a significant role in mitigating the overall decline in the value of national exports from the beginning of 2023 until the end of September.

According to Jordan News Agency, a remarkable increase was observed in the Kingdom’s export sectors. Jewelry exports witnessed a substantial rise of 71.5% during the January-September period of 2023. In the same timeframe, pharmaceutical preparations registered a growth of 28.2%, while exports of other materials grew by 12.2%. This growth trajectory is a notable shift in the Kingdom’s export patterns.

The statistical data further revealed that the value of national jewelry exports until the end of last September reached approximately JD609 million, a significant leap from JD355 million recorded for the same period in the previous year. In the pharmaceutical sector, exports valued at about JD377 million were noted, up from JD294 million in the comparative period last year.

The cumulative value of national exports of other materials by the end of September 2023 stood at JD2.515 billion, showing an increase from JD2.241 billion in the same period in 2022. However, not all sectors experienced growth. The percentages of national exports saw a decline in several areas. Clothing and related accessories dropped by 13.9%, raw potash by 37.2%, phosphate by 23.7%, and fertilizers by 14.3%, as indicated by the statistical data.

These figures highlight the dynamic nature of the Kingdom’s export economy, underscoring the significant impact of certain industries in balancing the overall export performance.

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