Israeli Airstrike on Gaza House Results in Palestinian Casualties

Gaza City – A recent Israeli airstrike targeting a house in the central Gaza Strip has resulted in the deaths of three Palestinians and injuries to several others. This incident has further escalated tensions in the region.

According to Jordan News Agency, the attack not only affected those in the targeted house but also had repercussions for the nearby medical facilities. The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported that Israeli shelling injured 12 displaced individuals within a hospital in Gaza, four of whom are in critical condition due to shrapnel wounds and shattered glass. Additionally, in the same attack, 35 other displaced Gazans in the hospital’s front yards sustained injuries.

The occupation aircraft also carried out bombings on at least three homes in Al-Shuja’iya, Al-Nasr, and Al-Zaytoun neighborhoods in the coastal enclave, further contributing to the toll on civilian life and property in the area.

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