Industry minister reiterates availability of basic commodities ahead of Ramadan in local market

Amman: Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Yousef Al-Shamali, reiterated the availability of all basic goods and commodities, especially Ramadan items, in the local market.

During a tour of the Civil Service Consumer Corporation (JCSCC) market in Ras Al Ain on Monday, Al-Shamali said that the government is committed to keeping prices in the JCSCC and the Military Consumer Establishment (MCE) fixed and without any increases until after the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, regardless of the global price hikes due to high shipping costs and the repercussions of the events in Bab Al-Mandab.

He mentioned a series of measures taken by the government last month to mitigate the inflationary pressures on commodity prices and increase the strategic stock. He emphasized the government’s commitment to the Prime Minister’s directives and the Cabinet’s decision to provide basic commodities in the JCSCC and MCE markets at their current prices until the end of Ramadan and to intensify market inspections to ensure that e
xceptional circumstances are not exploited to affect citizens’ livelihoods.

Al-Shamali clarified that the Kingdom’s stock of basic food commodities is sufficient for safe periods of time and that the supply of basic commodities is ongoing as usual and in sufficient quantities to strengthen the stock.

Al-Shamali directed the JCSCC to take all necessary measures to facilitate shopping processes, especially during periods of high demand and turnout, such as in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.

For his part, JCSCC Director General Salman Al-Qudah said that the JCSCC is committed to implementing government directives by increasing the stock of basic commodities by more than 30% and by fixing selling prices regardless of the new purchase prices of basic commodities, noting that the JCSCC will cover this difference through the government support provided to it.

Al-Qudah confirmed the JCSCC’s readiness for the holy month of Ramadan by providing the commodities that are in high demand during this month, p
ointing out that they will be offered in the JCSCC markets starting from next week, coinciding with the nearing of the holy month.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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