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Four Seriously Injured in Clinic Fire in Berlin

A fire broke out at the Vivantes Am Urban Hospital in the Kreuzberg district of the German capital, Berlin, seriously injuring three patients and a nurse.

Around 100 emergency services were at the scene of the fire in Kreuzberg during the night.

A fire department spokesman said that the fire started with burning hospital beds in the hallway. It was initially unclear how these could catch fire.

According to the police, a suspicious man was arrested and intentional arson cannot be ruled out.

The smoke spread over eight floors of the clinic building, and the rescue center was evacuated.

The Vivantes Am Urban has 12 medical departments, a central emergency room and 614 beds. Around 65,000 patients are treated there every year. A total of around 300 doctors and 605 nurses look after the well-being of the patients.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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