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Expo 2023 Doha/ QF Launches 4th Season of Siraj TV Show

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) announced the launch the fourth season of Siraj – a 3D edutainment TV series that helps children learn Arabic.

In a statement, QF said that the new season of Siraj will debut at the Qatar Foundation (QF) pavilion on Thursday.

Key themes of this season include personal development, relationships, the environment, and technology, all of which are explored through interactions with different characters and situations.

On this occasion, Head of Culture, and Identity, at PUE’s Student Affairs and Community Engagement Azlaa Hamad Al Qahtani said: “As we begin the fourth season of Siraj, we embark on a dedicated journey to enriching education with culturally relevant Arabic content while instilling morals, values, and essential life skills in children.” “The fourth season of Siraj goes beyond mere entertainment – it’s a platform for empowerment. Through exploring diverse topics and telling captivating stories, it not only promotes learning
among children, but also immerses them in the rich tapestry of our culture and language,” she added.

“Each episode presents a distinct event or challenge, with the characters in Siraj collectively working to find creative and meaningful solutions. These stories draw inspiration from real-life experiences of children, enabling them to apply critical thinking skills to solve everyday problems,” she pointed out.

This season of Siraj will feature 11 episodes. The first episode will air on Qatar TV. Following that, new episodes will be uploaded to Siraj’s YouTube channel.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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