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Expo 2023 Doha/ Education Above All Foundation Participating with Interactive Sustainable Pavilion

Doha, The Education Above All Foundation (EAA) is participating in the Horticulture Expo 2023 Doha with an interactive sustainable pavilion introducing visitors to the EAA’s guiding principles, influence, and initiatives.

Through the sustainable pavilion, the EAA designed interactive activities for children as well as allocated a drawing space that enables them to express nature as they see it.

The environmentally friendly pavilion embodies the EAA’s commitment to ensuring access to education and harnessing the power of quality education to achieve positive, sustainable and comprehensive change.

After the end of the exhibition, the pavilion will be donated and dispatched to a refugee camp to serve as a school and community space within it.

The cooperation between Expo 2023 Doha and the EAA reflects both sides’ commitment to shaping a prosperous future and inspiring the young generation to contribute to climate action and play a leading role in achieving this.

The EAA aims to build a global movement t
hat contributes to human, social and economic development through quality education and other welfare programs and initiatives. With a particular focus on areas affected by poverty, conflict, and disaster, it will champion the needs of children and women and empower them to be active members of their communities.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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