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CheongKwanJang by Korea Ginseng Corp, the Value of Premium, Reliable Best Red Ginseng

  • CheongKwanJang by Korea Ginseng Corp, the luxury red ginseng brand of South Korea marks the 123rd anniversary of inception
  • Safety test on about 430 items up to shipping for eight years, keeping the value of luxury red ginseng

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Red ginseng is the representative health supplement long loved in South Korea. Red ginseng that has a myriad of efficacy ingredients in balance such as saponin, red ginseng polysaccharide, amino sugar, and mineral which are generated in the course of steaming and drying ginseng dug up from the ground helps improve immunity, as well as fatigue.CheongKwanJang

The red ginseng brand that represents South Korea is Korea Ginseng Corp(KGC). The brand is accounting for 70% of the Korean red ginseng market and holding the top spot unshakably. KGC, which marks the 123rd anniversary of foundation this year, is gaining trust of consumers through stringent quality controls over the entire process of raw materials, production, distribution and sales while keeping the tradition of “Korea ginseng” for years.

For best quality, KGC insists on 100% contract cultivation and supplies high-quality materials stably through a systematic cultivation control system. In addition, it implements safety testing on about 430 items for a total of eight years up to shipping — two years of soil management from the phase of cultivation plot selection and six years of cultivation – to produce a safe product that consumers can rest assured for consumption.

KGC is unsparingly investing in research and development of red ginseng for globalization of red ginseng and continuous improvement in quality. Specialists in ginseng at the company’s research institute are conducting many studies, from ginseng cultivation technology to new material development, efficacy and safety, analysis and product development in association with professoriates in the country and abroad.

The institute is the world best as a single research institute; it has gained and applied for about 210 red ginseng-related patents, published about 280 papers after 2000, and obtained 15 self-developed plant variety protection rights. On top of that, it has the equal international competitiveness to overseas certification agencies as it obtained a certificate from Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) for analysis capability on 402 items in six areas for the first time in the world as a ginseng and red ginseng company.

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