Beijing: Arab-Islamic Summit Committee and Chinese Vice President Discuss Israeli Actions in Gaza

Beijing, November 21: A ministerial committee representing the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic Summit met with Chinese Vice President Han Jing in Beijing on Monday. During the meeting, Jing commended the efforts of the Summit, held in Riyadh, for its decisions aimed at de-escalation and restoring peace.

According to Jordan News Agency, China has actively sought a ceasefire in Gaza since the onset of the Israeli military actions, advocating for civilian protection, humanitarian relief, and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories based on a just solution. The committee members from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Palestine, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, praised China’s stance at the Security Council advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Discussions focused on recent developments in Gaza, including the storming of Al Shifa Hospital and attacks on the Indonesian Hospital, the Jordanian Field Hospital, and relief centers. The committee emphasized the need for an immediate cessation of military escalation, the establishment of safe corridors for humanitarian aid, and the revival of the peace process. They called on the international community and the permanent members of the Security Council to address the Israeli violations of international laws and humanitarian law.

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