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Amman – In a significant step towards strengthening military ties, Major General Yousef Ahmed Hnaity, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with Martin Sampson, the British Defence Senior Advisor for the Middle East and North Africa, and his delegation this Wednesday. According to Jordan News Agency, the high-level meeting focused on enhancing military relations and collaborative frameworks between Jordan and the United Kingdom. The discussions in Amman touched upon various issues of mutual interest, including potential areas for military cooperation between the two nations’ armed forces. Major General Hnaity and Sampson also delved into recent developments at both regional and international levels, underscoring the importance of joint efforts to tackle challenges and threats. The meeting highlighted the need to reinforce security and stability in the region and to advance defense cooperation, including elevating security and military coordination. Amman: Jordan’s FM Rejects Israel’s Self-Defense Narrative, Calls for Global Action

Amman – Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, has strongly opposed Israel’s narrative of self-defense in the ongoing conflict, asserting that it cannot justify the deaths of innocents, including women and the elderly.

According to Jordan News Agency,According to a new release by Jordan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Safadi expressed these views during an interview on Jordanian television on Wednesday.

Safadi highlighted a shift in the international community’s stance since October 7, moving from support for Israel to acknowledging the catastrophic impacts of its actions in the region. He noted Jordan’s role in influencing global opinions, emphasizing the need for increased humanitarian aid to Gaza and an immediate ceasefire. The Foreign Minister pointed out the dire situation in Gaza, with scenes of fatalities, famine, and struggling healthcare facilities.

The Jordanian diplomat also criticized Israel’s disregard for the United Nations General Assembly’s call for a cessation of war and adherence to international law. He reaffirmed King Abdullah II’s commitment to the Palestinian cause and stated Jordan’s firm position against any resolution of the Palestinian question that harms Jordanian or Palestinian interests. Safadi concluded by reiterating the Arab consensus on ending the war, protecting civilians, providing humanitarian aid, and upholding Palestinian rights, setting the stage for an upcoming ministerial gathering in Saudi Arabia and the Arab summit.

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