A security meeting in Basra to discuss securing the fan’s entry to the Iraqi team’s match against its Qatari brother tomorrow

Basra A security meeting was held in Basra Governorate to discuss securing the fans’ entry to the match between the Iraqi national team and its Qatari brother, which will be held tomorrow, Monday, at the Basra International Stadium, within the semi -final round.

The arena opposite the Basra stadium, in front of the Technical Institute, was chosen to set up giant screens to transmit the match to be watched by the audience.

For its part, the Basra Governorate Police Command stated in a statement, “A security meeting that included the representative of the Ministry of Interior in joint operations, Lieutenant General Rashid Fuleih, the representative of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Mahmoud Abu Al- Taman, and the commanders of operations and police in Basra Governorate, was held to discuss strengthening security and military efforts, coordination and security cooperation in Basra Governorate, for the success of the 25th Gulf Championship, which is about to end.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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